Why the Belly Board

The Belly Buddy Board is available in 2 different sizes, 22 inches long for adults, and 14.5 inches for children. They are made to accommodate all of your needs from the bathroom, to the couch, to a chair. The possibilities and ways the Belly Buddy Board can be helpful are endless.  

Belly Buddy Purpose

This product will make your life easier. The design of this Belly Buddy Board helper is to make the process run smoother and to assist you in all of your daily activities from the bathroom to every other room in the house. 

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1/2″ and 1/8″ Closed Cell Foam is provided and attached to each board, which guarantees a soft cushioned area and anti-slip movement.


Our 14.5 inch long boards are recommended for keyboard use providing perfect ergonomics.


Offer valid till the end of the month!

$20 Value

Other Suggested Usage For The Bathroom Buddy Belly Board

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Developed With you in mind