The Belly Buddy Board is also used as a convenience when wanting to simply relax and have some personal entertainment. I took a great idea and turned it into a reality.  In the beginning, Belly Buddy Board made it easier for myself, then I decided to share my idea and my product to help others and  anyone else that might be interested in enjoying a new convenience in life.

Bathroom Helper

The Belly Buddy Board makes it easier to use the bathroom while attempting to eliminate, and or at least cut back on straining issues. This, in return should cut back on heart attacks and aneurysms while promoting a more Stable and Balanced position.

Through our own experience of using the Belly Buddy Board it allows an easier relief of excess Gas and Urination while sitting in the correct position.

Worry Free

Going to the Bathroom with more Stability and an Ease of mind while using the Belly Buddy Board. No more need of worrying about overexerting yourself, the Belly Buddy Board is specially designed to make it easier to use the bathroom, while putting your body in a more Stable Position for a much smoother movement while Keeping your Feet in Contact with the Floor.

Future: Our Team here is in the Designing Phases of Introducing a Special Shoulder Strap Carry Case that will be Introduced to Our Store and on the Market in the summer of 2019 for those of you who are constantly on the Move.

Designed Just For You

My Product has been designed especially to Assist those who may Struggle when using the bathroom. The Shape was Designed to Fit most Everyone comfortably while continuing to do the job it was designed to do.

The Belly Buddy Board was designed to Allow for Mobile Use when needing assistance during the day or night whether at Home or while Traveling.

The Belly Buddy Board is the Perfect Tool when needing to use your Tablet or Phone while using the bathroom.

The Belly Buddy Board was Designed for Multiple Uses in Your Life, such as a Wrist Rest for Keyboard Use in your Home or Office.

Our story

The launching of this store is for our product that has been developed solely for helping all others around the world, of all ages. This product was developed to make a better quality of life for everyone on the planet. While promoting a Full Circle of Benefits for Anyone and Everyone. 

The Belly Buddy Board idea began while dealing with a broken heart with news of what my son was going through.


After my grown son developed Schizophreniform, at the age of 21, this idea turned into a reality and we discovered a new way of raising financial income for the mentally ill. I want this idea and story to become a full circle of success for every breathing soul on the planet, while I’m still on this earth to see it come to fruition while donating 10% of all net sales to the mental illness foundations in Our Home Country of America. Our Ultimate goal is to have this Story & Product being Promoted, Serviced, and Sold in multiple Countries while continuing to Donate to the Mental Illness Foundations Around the World.

Developed With you in mind