Larry Phlegar

Founder and CEO

My mission by introducing my discovery, is to help senior citizens stay maintained and balanced while putting them in the correct position to having an easier bowel moving experience. 

This allows the weaker individuals an opportunity to having a less strenuous experience while being in a more balanced position.

We are introducing our discovery of the Belly Buddy Board to a whole new market, with this being said we will be helping billions of people with their daily routine.

This product will take a full circle in life over and over by helping all ages with their bowel and urination movements, while donating a portion of each sale to help the mentally ill. It’s a win-win for everybody in every country on this planet.

Larry Phlegar
Patent No.: US D739,030 S

About us

Belly Buddy Board proudly serves customers across the globe. Our board offers an easier way to having a more balanced bowel or urination movement while putting you in the correct position. To take the strain out of going to the bathroom,  we created this product to make it easier, comfortable, and more relaxed while taking care of their personal business.

This is the first and only product on the market that allows you to form a stabilized position while allowing you handles and a cushioned area to relax your arms while going to the bathroom.

Not only has the product worked for our Founder and CEO, Larry Phlegar, for the last six years, but it has helped countless others as well. For all questions, give us a call today at 757-839-9323.

Developed With you in mind

The Luxury Device Everyone Needs!

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The Belly Buddy Board Family announces The Launching Of Our Newest Product, 

***The Bathroom Buddy Balance Board***

Allow Yourself and All of Your Family Members (Be it Young or Old) an Experience Enjoying a More Stabile Position While Sitting Down Doing Their Business.

Our Products Have Handles on Them, This Will Allow One to Hold On To, and are the Only Products on the Market, that Allows You and Your Fellow Human Beings an Opportunity To Gain a More Stable Way Of Position, While Enjoying the Most Comfortable Stabilizing Position to Rest Your Arms and Hands On, While Sitting Down To Do Your Business.

This is a Luxury Device, That Every One, on The Planet, Deserves To Have.

Rest Your Arms, Hands, Coffee, Phones, Tablets, Magazines, Make Up or Shaving Kits, or Anything Else Your Heart Desires To Have With You, While Comfortably and Conveniently Doing Your Business while Sitting Comfortably in Your Bathroom.

This is an Awesome Experience Every One Needs, and Deserves, To Have.

This Product is The Hottest and Most Perfect Gift To Give To All Family Members and Friends, They Will Love You For It, Our Promise To All Of You.

From The Belly Buddy Board Family !!!

With the time spent on research and product testing, we guarantee you’ll benefit from using our boards.

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We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors. Take a look and see which board is best for you. We have something for everyone.  

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